Real Estate in Virtual Reality

Using emerging technology to solve existing challenges


Put the goggles on

Virtual reality goes beyond 360 videos and drones. We'll walk you through the experience -- try it here and you'll see.

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Come with us on a house scan

What does a house scan look like? It's very simple. Here's founder Philippe Lewicki capturing a property in preparation for a virtual reality walkthrough.

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Smart, on-the-go apps

Our apps for iPhone and Android make it easy for people to see your homes.

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"Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. "

- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Why virtual reality, and why now?

Virtual technology isn't just a novelty for movies and video games. The platform is innovating across industries. For realtors, it means bringing the process of sales into a new dimension.

With a simple headset and a smartphone, a homebuyer has an opportunity to form a real emotional connection with a property, whether they're planning to visit or have already visited and want to relive the experience.

As a realtor

You have the opportunity to:

- Easily differentiate yourself from other agents with a top tech tool and demonstrate your commitment to high-end sellers.

- Enable buyers to share their emotional experience with a home with family members and friends.

- Increase your marketing ROI by selling homes faster.

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